We're all bruised and damaged. But it's that damage that makes us beautiful. I prefer broken people. The most interesting among us are the most damaged.

The world I write about is grimy. It's been lived in. It's that very unshininess that makes it attractive to me. Darkness is far more interesting than light. I write to pull back the curtain on who we really are—brutal and glorious, petty and righteous, and just trying to find our way in the world.

Dark stories are human stories. The shadows are where honesty lives. Late at night when you're all alone inside your head, make some room. I have some people who want to come visit.

I write books that depend upon your involvement. I invite you to explore my dark world. Share your thoughts and let me know how you feel about what I'm saying.

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Until you step into the shadows, it's only me.

And it sure is dark in here.
Water is a novel by Jeff Rosenplot Here There Be Dragons is a novel by Jeff Rosenplot
Midwestern Love Songs is a short story collection by Jeff Rosenplot Midwestern B Sides is short fiction by Jeff Rosenplot
Intermezzo is a novel by Jeff Rosenplot The Transitional Man is a 2 act romantic comedy for the stage by Jeff Rosenplot
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