I was born the day Neil Armstrong walked on the moon. That one event has been the defining motivation in my life. Anything is possible. I have a deep lust for knowledge. I need to know everything there is to know. From electrical circuitry to human physiology to music theory to making the perfect cheesecake, I want to know about it and I want to do it. I'll make mistakes. I often do. It's the whole human thing. (Although I do make one helluva cheesecake.)

I publish my books independently. It's like making an indie film. I believe in what I'm doing enough to take that risk. And I'm the most passionate advocate for my work. My stories are told the way I want them to be, and the way I want to share them with you. Which is really what this is all about. Writing is a two-part process. Without you to read them, these stories are half-complete.

Although a proud Canadian boy, I've lived in the US for over twenty years. As such, I've felt like an observer rather than a true participant. Which is perfectly fine for me.

We have a connection to make, you and me. I want to tell you a story. If I've done my job properly, we'll go someplace together that neither of us have ever been. I hope you'll take that journey with me. And tell me about your trip. Send me an email or post on my Facebook page.

After all, we're in this together.

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